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Marketron Integration Suite Simplifies Cross-Platform Data Sharing with Connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot, and NetSuite

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HAILEY, IdahoNov. 16, 2021 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue, today announced the first three connectors within the new Marketron Integration Suite.

Connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot and NetSuite simplify and automate data sharing between Marketron’s traffic systems and the three platforms. Streamlining the exchange of data between CRM and accounting platforms, these connectors reduce data silos, eliminate duplication and normalization issues, improve data accuracy, and enable greater efficiency and agility across sales, traffic, and billing operations.

“Our connectors with Salesforce, HubSpot, and NetSuite allow Marketron customers to begin sharing data with these platforms quickly and easily without involvement of development teams,” said Greg Aimone, vice president of professional services and presales at Marketron. “Using these prebuilt integrations with leading third-party platforms, customers can quickly start reaping the benefits of increased automation, broader visibility across key business tools, and complete data access.”

Marketron will work with customers to customize existing connectors as needed and build additional ones by request. The company plans to bring dozens, and eventually hundreds, of connectors into a broad ecosystem of business tools and platforms.

The Marketron Integration Suite leverages APIs, connectors and custom integrations to facilitate secure and efficient data sharing functionality for customers using Marketron for traffic order management. Giving Marketron customers the ability to consolidate disparate data sources — including linear, O&O and third-party digital advertising systems — in a single ecosystem, the Marketron Integration Suite helps users reduce bottlenecks, realize greater visibility and drive greater innovation.


Salesforce Connector

With the Salesforce Connector, Marketron customers can easily sync their Salesforce instance with Marketron data in near real-time to keep accounts, contacts, opportunities and custom objects up to date. Using the connector to pull order details and order projection data into Salesforce, Marketron clients can take full advantage of Salesforce’s extensive dashboarding and reporting capabilities to drive sales teams. Customers can leverage Salesforce as a proposal system and bring opportunities into the Marketron platform to simplify order creation.

hubspotHubSpot Connector

The HubSpot Connector allows advertiser and order summary data to populate in HubSpot from Marketron, enabling near real-time account syncing and the ability to accurately view historical and projected sales activity. Marketron customers can leverage HubSpot as a proposal system and ingest deals into Marketron’s platform to streamline order creation.

Oracle NetSuiteNetSuite Connector

Using the NetSuite Connector, Marketron users can connect to a NetSuite account and keep it up to date with Marketron transaction and AR data across customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices and customer payments. When users automate the flow of data into the NetSuite General Ledger from Marketron’s platforms, manual processes are removed, and invoicing is quicker and easier.

For each of these connectors, Marketron takes care of setup, management, and maintenance, handling the data flow so that customers can focus on leveraging gains in efficiency and agility to transform their business.

More information about Marketron and the company’s products is available at

Marketron Integration Suite

Marketron Integration Suite


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