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Modernizing the Payment Ecosystem for Media Companies with Streamlined, Consolidated Electronic Payment Solutions

By March 14, 2023No Comments1 min read

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Explore the world of electronic payments to learn how you can optimize processes, streamline workflows and improve margins.

The payment ecosystem can be messy, confusing and complicated. What’s important for you and your customers is to deliver a secure, fast and easy way to pay. When you adopt electronic payments, you can realize many benefits. However, you’ll need to understand the landscape and what to look for in a payment system that creates a friction-free experience for customers and an efficient solution for your users.

In this white paper, we discuss all of that and more.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The payment workflow: non-electronic vs. electronic
  • The impact of consumer payment trends on business
  • Benefits of electronic payments
  • The facts on fees
  • Tiered vs. flat pricing models
  • What to evaluate when selecting a payment solution
  • Integrated vs. non-integrated workflow

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