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Marketron has supported the growth of the radio industry for half a century, and never have we seen our partners in broadcast face a challenge like the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other industries and communities, broadcast is struggling with loss and with anxiety about the future.

Although we see great disruption associated with this crisis, we also recognize the remarkable and constant role that radio plays in keeping people and communities connected.

With its capacity to reach a broad audience and to offer focused news for local listeners, radio is a critical resource today for the many people who want and need to stay informed. Whether they are looking for current recommendations from their local health department or details on local business closures, people know they can tune into radio to learn the latest.

To help both broadcasters and their advertisers move forward despite the limitations of our new ‘stay safe at home’ reality, Marketron has created a series of new programs tailor-made for these times.

We started with mobile messaging. We are offering broadcasters four months of free SMS services so that they can keep listeners updated with text updates at no cost. It’s a simple idea, and a simple step we can take to support broadcasters in educating and informing their communities.

For broadcasters working with our Visual Traffic software, we’re offering free migration to Visual Traffic in the Cloud for four months. Working with this cloud-based solution, which includes secure hosting of the broadcast station’s database on Marketron servers, broadcasters can implement work-from-home operations while taking full advantage of Visual Traffic’s newest features and capabilities.

Thirdly, for those broadcast stations whose traffic operations have been upended by coronavirus, we are offering short-term access to the Marketron Traffic Hub, which provides temporary management of traffic operations by experienced professionals. Whether for a large multi-station group or for a smaller single-signal local broadcaster, Marketron Traffic Hub offers a skilled team that can step in and keep operations running smoothly until the internal traffic department returns to capacity.

And finally, existing customers have the opportunity to bundle Marketron traffic systems free for four months. Bundling systems further simplifies the billing process by allowing broadcasters to remotely manage their revenue and deliver statements directly to an advertiser’s inbox. Coupled with PayNow – a service that allows advertisers to pay bills online – stations can complete the entire revenue cycle virtually and reduce invoice processing and payment times.

Marketron Traffic: Click here for further details.

Visual Traffic: Click here for further details.

Radio Traffic: Click here for further details.

While navigating this crisis may ultimately make the radio industry stronger, what’s more important now is that broadcasters have the tools they need to continue serving their communities — be it with useful news updates or the comfort of familiar programming.

We’re here to support the industry by providing proven solutions that help broadcasters survive and thrive.

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