Workflows make or break processes. If they are seamless and frictionless, they yield productivity. If they’re clunky and manual, they’re inefficient. So, what’s the best way to optimize your ad operations workflow?

If you’re managing linear and digital advertising, the answer is the right technology platform. To ensure your workflows are smooth, repeatable and sustainable, you’ll want to remove inefficiencies and barriers and meet your advertisers’ needs.


Siloed Media Platforms Cause Inefficiencies

snailThe modern broadcast sales professional isn’t just selling linear inventory; they’re also selling digital advertising. If you have to use multiple, separate systems, these silos create massive inefficiencies. The proposals, orders, execution, reporting and invoicing live in disparate systems and require manual reconciliation.

This setup requires substantially more time to manage and doesn’t provide the benefits of a multimedia campaign. Bouncing between systems creates lots of challenges for ad operations workflows.

Advertisers Are Seeking Integrated Local Ad Solutions

Advertisers have new expectations around their advertising spend. They seek out integrated local ad solutions. They want to deal with one company to manage broadcast and digital; it makes life easier for them.

Working with the same team allows advertisers to pay one invoice and get one set of performance analytics. They want simplicity, which you can deliver when ad operations flow through one system.

Advertisers and Broadcasters Both Win with a Consolidated Solution

Broadcasters have the unique position to offer a consolidated solution for local advertisers. This integrated selling strategy actually benefits both parties. Advertisers get the simplicity they crave and gain insights on local advertising through one partner. Broadcasters can grow revenue and expand opportunities.

Finding a Software Platform that Does It All

Many broadcast sales teams adopted software platforms to manage ads, and more are becoming third-party digital sellers. However, they run into difficulties when trying to make their current solution work for both types of inventory.

However, there are turn-key platforms that bring everything together, including:

  • Digital and radio proposal tools, order entry and execution
  • Transparent reporting of all campaign activities
  • Streamlined AR and consolidated invoicing

Ad operations now meet the modern demand of advertisers while also driving efficiency for salespeople. The barriers to executing complex integrated campaigns are gone. You consolidate processes through one system with one login.

Optimizing Your Ad Operations Workflow Is Possible with Marketron NXT

If you’re ready to rethink your ad operations processes that cover linear and digital, then NXT is an ideal solution. This tool will revolutionize the processes around selling and executing. Learn more about NXT’s benefits and request a demo today.

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