Making the workflows of media salespeople easier and streamlined is the key objective of the Marketron product suite. Marketron REV, which launched in 2021, is doing that every day. The award-winning platform eliminates manual work and keeps salespeople out of cumbersome traffic products. It uses rate optimization tools to price for you based on data and demand. It also provides reporting capabilities and a CRM tool. Now, it centralizes all the activities of linear campaigns with its newest feature — post-campaign analysis.

Here are the things you need to know about this new functionality.

Analyze Promises vs. Performance

The post-campaign analysis quantifies the performance of linear campaigns. You can quickly see a campaign’s current impressions within REV compared with contracted ones in near-real time. Based on this, you can make adjustments to ensure delivery or plan for any makegoods. Since REV integrates with Nielsen and Numeris, you can relay to advertisers if the campaign connected with their intended target audience.

One Platform for the Entire Process

With post-campaign analysis, you now have the ability to streamline the linear campaign workflow in REV. That saves salespeople considerable time, and they no longer have to play the “swivel chair” of bounding from system to system. REV delivers on efficiency, enabling proposal building, order submission, real-time inventory availability access, customer management and performance analysis. You can do it all with one login in one platform.

Why the Post Analysis Feature Was a Priority

The broadcast industry has been lacking integrated solutions for the sales process. Most products only cover some parts of the process, while others weren’t designed for sales at all. With such a gap in the market, adding post analysis was a priority for REV.

In discussing the new capability, Jimshade Chaudhari, senior vice president of product, said, “Fully integrated technology systems enable salespeople to work more efficiently; but, more importantly, it allows data to flow throughout the organization.” He continued, “Integrating ratings data from Nielsen and Numeris is another example of Marketron’s desire to bring data interoperability to the broadcast industry.”

David London, senior director of product management for REV, added, “Our vision for REV was always to allow broadcast sales teams to propose, order and measure linear radio and TV buys using the same tool. With the ability to conduct post-campaign analysis and report on impressions and GRPs against the target audience, the Campaign Analysis feature closes the loop on the sales process.”

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