The broadcast media industry was an early adopter of technology to facilitate traffic management and other operational activities. The embrace of technology soon entered another realm of managing advertising revenue, sales processes and customer relationships.

While technology is critical to media sales teams, multiple disparate systems are often involved. When systems aren’t connected, it impacts scalability and visibility. As a result, many companies are looking toward integration to merge systems.

In this post, we’ll look at the challenges of disparate systems and the opportunities available with integrations.

The Pain Points of Disparate Systems

Across all types of business, only 29% of software applications are connected or integrated within an organization. This fragmentation causes many problems, including:

  • Inefficiencies caused by manual workflows to process disparate data sources or complete tasks, which affect productivity
  • Limited visibility because data lives in silos relating to forecasting and revenue opportunities
  • Inaccuracies in data due to duplications and varying formats
  • Inability to scale processes effectively

These challenges lead to more work for sellers, causing frustration, higher operational costs and an impediment to innovation.

With integrations central to building tech stacks, why aren’t media companies accelerating these initiatives?

Disparate System Integration Is Possible But Often Still Out of Reach

Developers and data architects can integrate just about any situation, yet it’s not as easy as pushing a little code. Even if the integration is relatively small, high costs make it prohibitive.

The first quandary is that not all systems have open APIs (application performance interfaces). APIs are interfaces that allow two or more components of a computer system to exchange information. They are the foundation for integrations. When they are “open,” they are still highly secure. The term simply refers to the accessibility of programs. Closed APIs reside only in private networks, so these integrations require more time and work.

The second obstacle is cost. Many media revenue and sales management systems offer users integration options but with high fees attached. Some organizations price integrations out of reach to ensure users are “trapped” within the confines of their systems and have no way to export data.

These issues persist in the broadcast media industry, even as companies recognize the value of integration and access to data. So, how can they break free from these limitations?

Media Companies Can Finally Realize Greater Visibility and Scalability with Marketron Integration Suite

Marketron Integration Suite helps media companies integrate disparate systems across linear, O&O (owned and operated) and third-party digital advertising systems. It does so with three unique offerings:

  • Open APIs for accessing your own data on your terms
  • Prebuilt connectors for business application integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot and NetSuite
  • Custom integrations for special requirements

Each option enables process and data automation. Merge data sources into a centralized platform to remove the noise and gain true visibility. Optimizing your operations at scale is possible, affordable and secure with the Integration Suite.

Top Use Cases for the Integration Suite

Since the product launched, we’ve helped companies with many integration use cases. These are examples that improve visibility and scalability.



  • ​Keep CRM systems updated with current sales and projections data to enable sales teams to work in one system with a holistic view of sales performance (past and present).
  • Move Marketron data to analytic and attribution tools for greater insight into the performance of campaigns or sellers.
  • Import and create linear and digital orders in Marketron’s platforms from external systems.



  • Extract Marketron data from accounts into applications like Salesforce, HubSpot or NetSuite to refresh these systems daily (e.g., accounts, contacts, deals, orders, etc.).
  • Improve Salesforce reporting to deliver more accurate sales insights with the enrichment of Marketron data.
  • Import Salesforce or HubSpot proposal data into Marketron for fast, easy conversions from opportunities to orders.

Learn more about how the Integration Suite works and how smart integrations can empower your sellers.

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