Consumers are searchers. When they need a product or service or have a challenge, Google is often their first stop. As a result of this behavior, Google processes 5 billion searches every day! That’s why it’s such a critical channel for advertising. SEM (search engine marketing) is ideal for any business anywhere because the audience they desire is using it to find solutions. However, selling SEM to your advertisers can be cumbersome without the right tools. That’s why SEM campaign execution should be part of your cross-channel advertising platform.

Let’s look at why this functionality makes selling and executing SEM easy.

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Managing SEM Campaigns on Google Ads Requires Expertise

Google Ads can be an intimidating system. It has all the bells and whistles, but ad ops are totally on your plate. In most cases, managing SEM on Google Ads is a full-time job, monitoring bidding, adjusting copy and optimizing.

That’s what keeps many media companies out of the SEM game. However, that also means you’re losing out on revenue and unable to deliver a fully integrated digital campaign. Advertisers may seek agencies that can do it all.

Luckily, there’s a better way to facilitate SEM campaign execution in one platform that does it all.

SEM Tactics on an Easy-to-Use Third-Party Digital Platform

When you offer SEM, you can capture more ad dollars from your local advertisers. Additionally, if you have a platform that can execute multiple tactics, you can sell full-funnel campaigns. That’s more revenue for you and better results for your customers.

But what platform can do it all and not require you to be an SEM expert? Marketron NXT does the heavy lifting for you.

The NXT Difference with SEM

SEM campaigns aren’t easy to build. The more complex the advertiser and their products or services, the more difficult it is. Additionally, continuous optimization is a must for businesses in highly competitive markets.

The good news is that NXT’s SEM campaigns take these burdens off you. Our SEM experts:

  • Build vertical-tailored keyword lists and copy relevant to business offerings.
  • Include multiple headlines and descriptions for dynamic combinations to boost ad performance.
  • Allocate budget to keywords and text ads that drive the most calls automatically via our conversion-based optimization tools.

NXT also provides detailed reporting to share with advertisers and consolidates invoicing. That includes all digital tactics for campaigns, not just SEM.

With NXT SEM campaigns, you can offer the most optimized options to your advertisers with little work on your end. That gives you time to keep selling while your customers enjoy results, which can be as high as $8 in revenue for every $1 spent.

If you’ve been reluctant to add SEM to your portfolio or are exhausted by managing it on your own, NXT is the cross-channel platform for you!

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