Do you want to grow revenue from selling third-party digital advertising? It’s a goal for every broadcast sales team. What may be getting in your way isn’t your sellers’ digital literacy or your pitch. It could be the technology you use to propose, order, bill and run reports. Or, it could be how your media is executed and optimized. Ad operations is a critical part of your ability to gain more digital dollars. However, it can often be a full-time job, and you already have one of those.

When you use our third-party digital platform, you can leave the ad ops to us.

Current Challenges with Ad Ops

Ad ops describes the systems used to execute digital ads. There are a lot of options, from self-serve programmatic solutions to highly sophisticated platforms that agencies use. The challenges with these systems, no matter how robust they are, could be keeping you from generating more sales.

Common issues include:

  • Digital ad management only: These solutions are for digital ads only, so you have to keep linear separate, creating silos. That can make it difficult to present integrated campaigns, measure their impact and bill the client.
  • Inability to build proposals: Traditional ad ops systems don’t have proposal functionality, so it becomes a manual process that takes too much time.
  • Efficiency losses: Along with creating proposals outside the platform, your system probably isn’t a true end-to-end solution, which means you can’t consolidate processes like invoicing or reporting.
  • Unclear reporting insights: Are the reports you run from your system helpful and easy to interpret? How limited are the types of reports you can create? With real-time reporting, you can make better decisions and optimize ad performance.
  • Lack of transparency: Most solutions can’t deliver execution details, such as impressions, site lists, devices, geography and more. Having this is critical to understanding performance and relaying information to your advertisers.
  • Invoicing and billing not integrated: If invoicing and billing are not part of the system, you have to do extra work just to get paid.
  • Self-service that’s too complex: While promoted as “easy,” some platforms can require high technical acumen to use effectively.
  • No support or training: Self-serve options that tie directly to the ad medium (e.g., Google Ads, Meta for Business) are notorious for being unresponsive. Other solutions may have support and training, but it comes at an extra cost.
  • No campaign optimization features: This functionality makes it easy to tweak campaigns to ensure advertisers are getting the best return and more conversions.

If these problems sound all too familiar, you are ready for a change.

Ad Ops for Broadcasters: The Perfect Mix of a Turn-Key and Self-Service Platform

So, what’s the ideal system for broadcast and media companies? It merges all the intuitiveness of self-service with ad ops features that eliminate your challenges. You can make changes on the fly and keep full transparency while we handle the ad ops piece. That includes things like trafficking with DSPs (demand-side platforms), proactive optimizations and more.

Plus, we offer training, support and lots of resources. That’s what you get with Marketron NXT.

Here’s what makes it so appealing:

  • Manage digital and linear ads in one system with consolidated proposals, invoicing and reporting.
  • Choose from various digital tactics, including display, video, OTT/CTV, geofencing and SEM.
  • Submit as many creatives as your advertisers want.
  • Target by location, demographics and interests (retargeting is also available).
  • Be protected from ad fraud with our advanced protocols (find out how we combat ad fraud).
  • Make edits to targeting after a campaign launches.
  • Enjoy optimized ad placement that matches ad content with preferred audiences (this is automatic for every ad).
  • Pull reports on campaign and seller performance in real time.
  • Receive extensive training for sellers on using the platform. On-demand resources are available 24/7.
  • Access NXT Training Academy, our library of digital ad selling courses to upskill your team.

Your sellers will be able to adopt the technology easily. It becomes something that makes them better digital salespeople. With all the optimization features NXT has for campaigns, advertisers can see great results, ensuring they stay loyal.

Leave the Ad Ops to Us

Streamlining and simplifying selling third-party digital is possible without excessive platform fees. Your salespeople don’t have to be experts to use NXT, which has the look and feel of a self-service platform but with guidance. If your workflows aren’t helping you grow, you need a platform that will.

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