Your traffic system is the hub of your OTA (over-the-air) ad spots. Along with your traffic platform, you also need a traffic production workflow. Connecting these two things can be a challenge and may involve manual tasks. However, there are solutions that integrate these and streamline the process. With the right features and capabilities, sales and traffic managers can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

So, what does a production workflow need?

What Is a Traffic Production Workflow?

In broadcasting, your traffic system schedules ads for the entire day. All ads must go into the right dayparts to fulfill the agreement between advertisers and stations. The production workflow is the process that involves these steps:

  • Salespeople enter production orders.
  • Traffic managers assign carts and update rotations.
  • Production finalization and media attachment

What Are the Challenges with Traffic Production Workflows?

Stations not using an automated platform can encounter many pain points. Much of that includes manual work, such as email, spreadsheets or other documents to manage production. Some production workflow solutions for traffic may be overly complex, so these organizations keep the process as is, but the practices can be time consuming. Additionally, if there are many changes, it can become confusing quickly.

What Does Your Traffic Production Workflow Need?

Implementing a traffic production workflow solution should enable you to make the process more efficient and easier to manage. Simplicity is key, so you want to choose an approach that uncomplicates things.

Seek out a workflow with these capabilities:

  • Enables straightforward communication between departments
  • Integrates with your current traffic system, supporting consistency and eliminating most manual errors
  • Allows you to create orders with multiple spots in one production order
  • Provides secure and convenient access with a cloud-based platform
  • Onboards fast with setup and training in hours
  • Offers a cost-effective, turn-key system
  • Stores and attaches media files with copy instructions on the production order
  • Sends email notifications for various statuses to the correct users, so there’s no manual follow-up required
  • Delivers audit trails for each production order

With this level of functionality, your production workflow includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can gain all these features and more with Marketron LINK.

We developed LINK with input from our traffic experts and customers. It’s a simple, cloud-based system that delivers value to your traffic operations. It’s now available for Marketron Traffic and Visual Traffic Cloud customers.

Explore how LINK can elevate your workflow!
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