The power of data and its ability to drive better decision-making are critical for optimizing rates and providing the most accurate proposals. To do this effectively, organizations need access to current and historical traffic data.

Beasley Media GroupBeasley Media Group, a customer of our Marketron Traffic product, recently made some enterprise platform changes. With these changes came the need to push information from the traffic system to other applications.

Kelly Norton, corporate director of revenue management, shared her experience working with the Marketron integration team.

Norton said, “Looking at historical and current data allows us to accurately forecast and understand client purchasing habits. Account executives can then present the best proposals for renewals and find opportunities for new advertisers.”

Norton remarked that it’s more important than ever to manage inventory optimally and that technology should simplify and streamline this. As the organization uses different applications for the necessary activities, exporting data from one solution to another was imperative.

Without the integration built by Marketron, Norton’s teams would have significant roadblocks to efficiency and maximizing revenue. “Previously, without this integration of current and historical data on rates and spending, sales reps wasted lots of time gathering information from multiple places and were unable to find some. This new integration is simpler, easier and more data-rich, which means we aren’t leaving dollars on the table. We’ve increased our revenue opportunities,” Norton shared.

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“Without historical rates and spending data, sales reps wasted lots of time gathering information from multiple places and were unable to find some. With this integration, we aren’t leaving dollars on the table. We’ve increased our revenue opportunities.”

Kelly Norton
Corporate Director of Revenue Management, Beasley Media Group

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