How efficient are your sellers? In the local TV advertising landscape, processes and workflows are often overly complicated and involve disparate, outdated systems. Modernizing and consolidating your tech stack is the answer to driving better sales efficiency. You can achieve that with a comprehensive broadcast media sales platform.

So, what should a platform include, and how can it impact sales efficiency?

Sales Efficiency Is a Metric That Matters

Measuring sales efficiency can often be elusive if you don’t have insight into how processes actually work. Lack of transparency around this leads to many operational challenges and keeps your sellers in the weeds. As a result, revenue-generating activities aren’t the bulk of their day. Most only spend 28% of their week focused on this. However, that’s the part of the job they love, which matters to their long-term satisfaction. Sales professionals who spend more time on sales-related activities enjoy their job more, and those spending four or more hours each day on these are more likely to be top performers.

Admin work and the need to use disparate systems for avails, rate information, proposals and orders keep them in a constant state of back-and-forth. Technology is critical to optimizing these ineffective systems, but what matters primarily is that it’s integrated and consolidated. Sellers don’t want one more tool to add to the stack. Rather, they want a comprehensive solution that streamlines the end-to-end process.

Identifying what such a platform should look like is a trending topic in the spot TV space, with few good products that meet these needs. If you have a wish list, these features will boost sales efficiency.

Features That Make Sellers More Efficient

If you were to design the perfect technology to eliminate sales inefficiency, it would look something like this.

Challenge: Sellers must access hard-to-use traffic systems to check avails, which can take time and effort to navigate.

Solution: Traffic systems integrate with your sales platform for immediate, real-time access to availability.

Challenge: Converting avail requests and proposals to orders is overly complicated, with multiple tasks required.

Solution: Sellers convert these in one step within a single system.

Challenge: Sellers need the most accurate rates and must use an outside yield management tool or consult with rate experts.

Solution:yield management tool is part of the solution and delivers real-time pricing to optimize inventory value.

Challenge: Current systems don’t support converged TV sales, forcing sellers to use multiple applications.

Solution: Automation for multimarket and cross-channel proposals is part of the system, so proposal creation is fast and easy.

Challenge: Using many systems involves a lot of manual data entry.

Solution: Automation of manual processes accelerates and simplifies workflows.

Challenge: Makegoods and credit reconciliation take up many hours every week.

Solution: A modern TV ad sales system incorporates pay-for-performance capabilities, enabling in-flight campaign monitoring, reducing the messiness of makegoods and providing more reliable buys for advertisers.

With these features, you can transform how your team operates, increasing sales efficiency and empowering sellers to spend 30%-40% more time selling! Marketron REV does all these things and more. We built it for broadcast and media companies, with capabilities that align with how you sell.

Discover How REV Boosts Sales Efficiency

Streamlining sales workflows will directly impact seller performance and revenue. It’s a critical time to modernize and optimize, and REV gives you this opportunity. Connect with our experts to discuss how the platform does this, see a video and review a personalized ROI calculator.

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