Radio stations selling digital advertising need purpose-built platforms that make the process easy and profitable. While selling air spots will always be a priority, expanding offerings to include digital supports revenue growth. Unfortunately, most third-party digital solutions don’t align with the needs of local media sellers. One of the biggest challenges is finding software that connects linear and digital into one proposal and order.

Most of the time, these tactics live separately, requiring duplication of efforts to deliver a campaign including both. However, you don’t have to live with these limitations. Marketron NXT is the only digital ad sales solution designed for radio, integrating linear and digital into one by integrating with radio traffic systems.

How Does Radio Traffic Integration Work in NXT?

Siloed media platforms create inefficiencies for sellers, and the NXT integrations solve this issue. Broadcasters have the ability to merge traditional and digital media. In this way, you can sell, propose and order third-party digital advertising that amplifies linear.

With NXT and traffic system integrations, you can consolidate processes and manage all data, from proposals to invoicing, with a single login. NXT integrates with all three of our radio traffic platforms — Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic and RadioTraffic™, with Marketron Traffic offering the most flexibility.

What Functionality for Linear and Digital Is Available with NXT?

The combination of radio and digital software offers functionality in all areas of the process, including:

  • A comprehensive proposal builder for airtime and digital advertising
  • Single order entry, which eliminates manual re-entry and converts proposals to orders in a few clicks
  • Reporting that’s transparent, customizable and easy to understand for advertisers
  • Invoicing consolidation for all aspects of the campaign

Proposals and ordering are also guided within NXT to remove any complexity in execution. Every component of the software streamlines selling and reduces administrative work, so sellers can spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

NXT + Traffic Feature Overview

Here’s a review of the benefits you’ll realize with NXT.

Radio features:

  • Manage accounts and critical business data in the cloud so you can access it anytime.
  • Create, execute and bill on-air advertising with your digital media orders.
  • Track alternative revenue in detail.

Digital features:

  • Access numerous ad tactics: display, video, geofencing, social media, OTT, CTV, streaming audio and SEM (search engine marketing).
  • Sell compliant campaigns for restricted categories (e.g., cannabis, CBD, alcohol, gambling and political).
  • Ensure high-quality inventory for all ad types.
  • Deliver advanced targeting for ads, including by geography, demographics, behaviors and interests.
  • Leverage exceptional third-party digital reporting that includes apps, sites, devices, locations, ad types and more.

Win More Ad Budget Dollars with NXT

NXT is a simple solution for selling airtime and digital advertising, tailor-made for media companies. Radio stations that use it love its features and simplicity. You’ll be able to sell more integrated campaigns faster with NXT as your support system.

See how it works today by requesting a demo.

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