The radio broadcast industry continues to drive toward digital transformation, adopting modern technology that supports efficiency, growth and productivity gains. At the center of this is your broadcast traffic system.

These platforms have evolved as the industry has, but some radio stations may still be using systems that don’t enable today’s priorities of streamlining, automating and accessing real-time information.

Further, the solutions leading the way in simplification and diversification integrate with other platforms that manage third-party digital advertising. As more broadcasters transform to offering a broad advertising portfolio, you’ll need a traffic solution with these capabilities.

In looking at broadcast traffic systems to meet all the needs of the industry, you should have these features on your radar.

Advanced Scheduling

By applying next-level technology like algorithms, you can customize your station’s specific scheduling criteria.

Inventory Maximization

You can expand your station’s potential to increase revenue by optimizing inventory placement.

Reporting and Analytics in Real Time

Data fuels better decision-making. Your traffic solution should enable access to real-time data with multiple options for personalized reporting. Those reports can detail information specific to each user, from sales to accounting.

Multi-Level Order Approval Process

With this feature, your salespeople can enter their own orders into the system, which can then include multiple levels of approval as needed. This functionality saves time and reduces traffic workload.

Proof of Performance

With this capability, you can automate spot delivery reports to your advertisers and customers, which they’ll appreciate.

Electronic Ordering, Invoicing and Payments

Traffic systems deliver many benefits when they digitize ordering, invoicing and payments. Having this as part of the solution streamlines the process. Those that allow spot and non-spot, multi-station and co-op notary e-invoices take a lot of burden off accounts receivable. Additional benefits include:

  • Reducing costs via automation (our clients save up to $3 per invoice)
  • Improving time to pay, which positively impacts cash flow
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Providing advertisers with an easier way to pay online that’s secure, which decreases days outstanding (by up to 32 days!) and removes the costs of receiving paper checks


Integrations and Connectors

Your radio traffic system shouldn’t live in a silo. There are multiple other platforms it should integrate or connect with to deliver the most value.

Connecting to your ecosystem, such as CRM systems and automation platforms, enables better data visibility, automatic reconciliation and more.

The other must-have integration is with a digital advertising revenue platform.

Radio ad sellers realize they can acquire more advertising dollars from their customers when they pair radio and digital. If you aren’t selling digital, you should certainly consider it to make up for potential radio ad revenue declines. If you are selling, but it’s a separate system, you probably have productivity and visibility issues.

The modern broadcast organization thrives when traffic systems integrate with digital advertising platforms. When they do, you can create cross-channel proposals and orders for advertisers. There’s no back and forth between systems.

The more integration and connectors available for your traffic system, the closer you get to reaching higher efficiency, productivity and consistency.

Access from Anywhere

In the post-pandemic world, those who need access to the traffic system could be working from anywhere. The only way to enable this type of functionality is to host in a secure cloud-based environment. The migration to the cloud continues to grow, with 61% of businesses doing so in 2020. In addition to providing accessibility, the cloud can also reduce your IT costs by up to 79%. In this model, providers are running frequent backups and using advanced security protocols.

Is Your Broadcast Traffic Solution Supporting You Cohesively?

If your traffic system isn’t enabling traffic, billing, reporting and integrations, then it’s missing the mark. The frustrations you have today regarding inefficiencies and manual work don’t have to persist. You can upgrade your traffic platform to meet all your needs now and into the future.

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