In a time when cutting costs is critical to local broadcast and media companies, rethinking your tech stack can lead to increased savings. There are added costs and inefficiencies when you must use multiple systems to facilitate the sales process. In an effort to streamline the sales process and reduce expenses, you’ll want a comprehensive broadcast sales platform to handle it all.

Disparate Systems Eat Up Budget and Time

How many different tools do your sellers use now to manage ad spot revenue? For some enterprises, it could include:

  • Traffic system
  • Proposal application
  • Yield management tool
  • Audience measurement
  • CRM (customer relationship management) system

The annual fee for using all these systems is likely in the seven-figure range. Even if these platforms have integration capabilities, you may have to pay extra and use manual workarounds. All these fees cut into your margins, which are already slim. Further, using disparate systems requires additional time for your sellers to go back and forth. That’s time that takes away from prospecting and pitching and is an area where errors can occur.

Media companies have been chasing these challenges for years. The industry hasn’t had a lot of good options until now, with Marketron REV.

Marketron REV

How REV Is the Comprehensive Sales Platform

Solving the challenges of modern media companies means evolving technology tools to meet the needs and demands of real-world workflows. With years of development and welcoming major media players to the platform, REV is a turn-key sales solution.

It provides a seamless process and can help eliminate applications, including standalone yield management and proposal systems. It also fully integrates with traffic systems, enabling sellers to view real-time avails without leaving the software.

REV transforms daily sales operations from cumbersome to simple and fast. Here’s what it offers:

  • Support for multimarket and multimedia linear sales activities, including avails, proposals and orders
  • Management of customers and prospects with native pipeline capabilities
  • Accessible ratings for use in proposals
  • Optimization tools to eliminate manual work
  • Removal of duplicate data entry from the workflow
  • Ability to directly link to other systems in place for business continuity
  • Centralization of sales activities in one system

In the years ahead, consolidation will be critical to reduce costs, improve the user experience and boost productivity. So, how much could you save?

What Are the Potential Consolidation Savings with REV?

Determining how much you can save depends on your current budget for sales technology. Many of the applications media companies use today come with a high price tag, and being expensive doesn’t mean they “work” for every situation; you’ll pay more for connecting systems, using premium features like analytics or accessing your data. In our internal review of the costs of these options, your organization could save millions of dollars every year by consolidating your tech stack. Such a number would positively impact your bottom line while your salespeople receive better technology.

Find Out How REV Helps You Consolidate and Save

If you want to learn about potential cost savings and improved functionality, start with a consultation with our experts. They’ll analyze your current framework and identify how you can consolidate. You can view a demo of how REV works and review a personalized ROI calculator to get an accurate projection of returns and savings.

REV is the revolution the media industry needs! Book time with us today to join the revolution.

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