Numerous studies and feedback from advertisers have documented the connection between linear and digital advertising. Linear often delivers a lift for digital tactics, driving those who view it to research and learn more about a product or service online. In an omnichannel world, synergies between linear and digital are only growing. A new study demonstrates this, finding that TV ads have a “halo effect” that results in more online traffic for small and midsize businesses.

So, what does this mean for you as a local TV seller? What insights can you take away from this to increase your value to clients and ensure they continue to spend on this ad format?

Looking at the Data: TV Ads and Online Traffic Growth

The data related to this position comes from the Video Advertising Bureau’s Top 10 of Q1 2023. It’s a collection of analysis and data related to TV spots and their impact on the advertising ecosystem. The charts include specific SMB brands and their results, available to VAB members and qualified marketers. So, we’ll discuss the generalities of the findings.

SMBs Saw Increase in Online Traffic When They Were on TV

Linear TV continues to outperform other media in relation to reach and time spent, influencing purchasing decisions and building trust, according to data from the Television Bureau of Advertising. This new data upholds this conclusion, especially around the fact that TV ads prompt viewers to take action after seeing an ad.

The VAB data represents SMBs from a variety of industries, including technology, finance, real estate and security. When they were on TV, these companies experienced huge traffic bumps, most increasing by 100% or more. As a result, TV creates the “halo effect” on digital. Further, the research concluded that the lift still occurs at around +26% even when companies aren’t on TV.

Website Traffic Boosts Have Payoffs

Website traffic is great and a leading indicator that the prospect pipeline will grow. It doesn’t always mean conversions, but the data confirms it does. TV campaigns drove double-digit increases in potential new customers.

With the knowledge of the strong connection between TV ads and digital lift, you can deliver a data-driven “pitch” on why TV needs to remain a part of companies’ marketing mix.

Leveraging the Data to Inform and Influence TV Advertisers

All the statistics in the advertising world keep showing shifts in tactics by advertisers. Linear TV budgets are moving toward OTT/CTV, for example. While that’s true in many cases, it doesn’t mean there aren’t dollars for TV ads. The key to delivering the message is that the company should combine linear and digital for the best results and ROAS (return on ad spend).

Here are some ways to inform and influence TV advertisers:

  • Demonstrate that the data connects TV ads to taking online actions, so their spots should have CTAs to drive people to their website. It could include the website address or QR code viewers can scan.
  • Discuss how to ensure TV ad content complements the company’s digital footprint. It’s more than just branding — it’s also messaging and tone. This is important because if the TV spot has one story and the website another, consumers will likely abandon it. Conversely, messaging can build trust and credibility when it’s the same.
  • Ensure your advertisers have a high-quality website and tracking metrics in place. High quality means it’s mobile-friendly, loads fast, has a great UX (user experience), is easy to navigate and appears modern. Tracking metrics will help these brands establish where traffic is coming from, so they can attribute it correctly and understand the ROAS for their TV spots.
  • Recommend ongoing TV spots to keep the traffic flowing. While the data shows that lift occurred even when they weren’t on TV, TV exposure gave them the boost. Consistent spots on various programming types keep the brand top of mind for consumers.
  • Remind them of TV’s many other benefits regarding reach, exposure, engagement and more. It’s still a great investment for local SMBs to find their audience and nudge them down the sales funnel.

TV Spots and Digital Lift Make a Huge Statement

If any of your advertisers are shifting their views on TV spots, you’ll need to intervene. They have misconceptions about the value of TV ads in an omnichannel world where content consumption has greatly evolved. However, broadcast TV remains a solid investment, and its impact reverberates through the digital landscape.

By using this data and insights, you can make a huge statement on TV spots and digital lift. Looking for more ideas to support TV sales? Read our post, Unique Ad Formats Drive Engagement in Streaming: How Broadcast TV Can Leverage Them.

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