Media companies always want to expand advertising offerings to capture more ad dollars. Beyond standard linear ad spots and digital advertising, there’s also streaming audio advertising. Consumers are streaming audio increasingly, with 67% of people age 12 and older doing so weekly. Thus, it’s become a channel for advertisers to reach consumers. One of the biggest opportunities for you to increase revenue in this area is with O&O streaming audio.

Offering this as part of your portfolio can yield nice margins since it’s a very low cost of goods. However, executing this without the right technology is not always easy. Now, you can monetize streaming audio with Marketron REV, the sales growth platform for broadcast radio and TV sellers.


of people age 12 and older stream audio

What Is Streaming Audio Advertising?

There are many types of streaming audio to monetize. This format describes delivering ads to consumers listening to music or other content through digital audio streaming services. These include the website of the radio or TV station or platforms like Spotify and Pandora. Selling ads on your owned media properties is O&O streaming audio advertising.

Adding O&O Streaming Audio Advertising to Campaigns Has Many Benefits

Including streaming audio tactics in a campaign increases the advertiser’s reach since so many people want to listen this way. The expansion also provides a way to:

  • Align with on-the-go listening habits outside of in-car listening.
  • Target younger generations who prefer this option.

Just like on traditional radio, these spots aren’t skippable, so it’s a captive audience. As a result, it can enrich the performance of a campaign.

What Makes a Streaming Audio Campaign Effective?

Just because this is a channel to expand and connect, you’ll want to ensure its best performance. Here are some tips on what makes such a streaming audio ad effective.

Start with a goal for the ad.

No campaign can perform without an objective from the advertiser. Audio ads work across the sales funnel. Thus, the goal could be improving brand awareness, introducing a product, promoting a sale or enticing people to attend an event.

Ensure creative follows best practices to improve recall and drive action.

The content of the ad is critical to its success. There are standard things advertisers should always include — their name, contact information, website address and tagline. Promotion dates are necessary if the ad is for an event or is time-limited. Beyond those things, they can improve recall and drive action with these best practices:

  • Showcase social proof with customer endorsements or internal data points.
  • Keep language simple and in the same voice and tone as other branded content.
  • Direct the ad toward a targeted audience, such as noting that an event is for kids and parents or adults only.
  • Tell a story, as this format is more engaging than others.
  • Focus on the benefits of the product promoted rather than just its features.

These recommendations can improve the ad’s performance. So, now that your customers want to buy these ads, how does it work in REV?

O&O Audio Streaming Ads in REV

REV’s streaming audio campaign setup is simple and easy. It includes:

  • Geographic targeting by station or DMA (designated marketing area)
  • Day-of-the-week targeting
  • Impressions and rate (CPM)

These campaigns incorporate directly into the proposal-building process. Its design ensures sellers don’t need to access multiple systems in this workflow, streamlining the ability to create multi-tactic campaigns. Streaming audio is also available as a standalone tactic.

With this addition to the platform, converged order capabilities have now expanded. It’s one more way that this system is becoming a single source for proposals and orders in the broadcast media sales space.

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