What comes after a digital ad campaign launch? Selling and executing the advertising are only the first two steps. Next is monitoring and reviewing results. These analytics are essential in discussing performance and making adjustments for the future. Ideally, digital advertising campaign reporting should be a key component of your third-party digital platform.

When this reporting is transparent, easy to access and insightful, you have the information you need to explain outcomes. If this is a current pain point for you, keep reading to explore how it can be seamless and valuable.

Analytics Should Lead to Insights

Digital advertising campaign reporting can be overly complex and hard to understand. Even if you’re a digital expert, some platforms have little transparency in their reporting. These data points may be hard to decipher or even find. You expect to see all the metrics that correlate with performance, including:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Site names
  • Locations
  • Video completions
  • Click-through rates (CTRs)

Going further into reporting capabilities, you want information that provides context on these metrics. Some examples of reports that provide these insights include:

  • Campaign pacing that illustrates viewed impressions against ordered ones
  • Creative performance that provides details on which creative performed the best
  • Geofencing reports that reveal the performance of each area
  • Location reports that inform you of performance by cities or ZIP codes
  • Website and app lists that provide all the digital spaces where ads were served
  • Device reporting that offers information on the type of technology on which consumers saw the ad

With this library of resources, you can be more specific in reviewing results with advertisers. Defining high-performance creative, fences and locations is also beneficial for future campaigns. Transparent also means accurate and real-time data. If there are issues here, it could skew insights.

Meaningful Data Should Be Accessible

Some third-party digital platforms aren’t report-friendly, meaning they have limited data download options or don’t allow it at all. Ideally, you should be able to do this without challenges. Exporting charts and data from the software brings the data to life when you share it. It can highlight the above metrics relating to geography, website and app lists, creative, and devices.

Building Reports to Meet Your Needs

Most platforms have standard reports, and those work for most things. However, custom reports are also critical to dig deeper into the data. You may be running a unique campaign with many tactics or other complexities for which building your own report is the best option.

A solution with a report builder enables you to design ones that align with your needs. You can choose from a variety of metrics.

Why Digital Advertising Campaign Reporting Is a Differentiator

In trying to stand out in a noisy and crowded competitive landscape, reporting capabilities can be a differentiator. Many agencies or other media companies barely mention this because they think it’s unimportant to the advertiser. Advertisers want a return on ad spend and can only learn this through analytics.

In your pitch to new digital customers, take the time to talk about reporting and its value. Show them sample ones so they know what to expect. Advise them of the transparency regarding performance and why that matters. This also demonstrates that you follow up after the end of a campaign to discuss results. Not every seller is going to take this time, treating the relationship more transactionally. You’re building a relationship based on trust and credibility, which reporting supports.

Marketron NXT: Digital Advertising Campaign Reporting That Delivers

With NXT, you have a powerful, transparent, reliable report builder. These analytics are easy to decipher and explain. You can confidently answer performance questions and design reports to fit every situation. It’s another reason why NXT is powering the future of local digital sales.

See how campaign reporting works with NXT by requesting a custom demo.

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