Your radio traffic platform is your OTA (over-the-air) ad management hub. It’s an essential tool for any traffic department, but your system may not be delivering the most value. It doesn’t mean it’s not the right solution for your media company. Sometimes, it needs a few reconfigurations and workflow corrections to deliver efficiency and support revenue. Other times, you may not be aware of features; training gets passed from role to role, with many things falling through the cracks.

In supporting our customers, we want you to have a system that works for you through radio traffic consulting. This service is currently available for Marketron Traffic customers. Learn about how it works, why you may need it and more.

Are You Getting Everything Out of Your Radio Traffic System?

This question is the starting point for any organization that wants to optimize its tech stack. One of the biggest reasons companies lose sight of features and functionality is turnover. It impacts any type of business and how they use software. It’s a cycle of training new hires based on current employees’ knowledge, which often doesn’t cover the spectrum of functionality. As a result, most aren’t getting the true value of a robust system. They don’t know what they don’t know, and knowledge loss can have consequences.

Traffic departments then get stuck doing more manual work or using inefficient processes. Every team needs to be efficient since the ecosystem has many components. Inefficiency costs them time and money.

So, there has to be some foundational analysis of how the platform can contribute to driving efficiency in terms of reconfigurations, turning on or using features, automation options and considering the structure of the traffic department. In consulting, we’re dealing with real-world problems, not possible scenarios.

What Improvements Can Consulting Offer?

Every media company is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We start by defining with our customers what the challenges are. Some top areas where we’ve helped stations realize improvements include:

  • Ensuring the system is set up for multiple users to eliminate workarounds and barriers to productivity, including traffic, sales and the business office
  • Enabling report automation and/or introducing users to report features they weren’t aware of
  • Turning on settings to reduce duplication of efforts or waste, such as being able to turn off printing for invoices sent electronically
  • Streamlining the AR (accounts receivable) process through payment integrations that reduce manual work and improve days outstanding
  • Adding production workflow tools to simplify and ensure consistency
  • Improving the reconciliation process
  • Eliminating manual sorting and filtering through proof of performance features
  • Being able to apply prepayments automatically

These are all real challenges our customers have faced that were improved or resolved through our consulting services.

Consulting Also Offers Advanced Training

Another aspect of radio traffic consulting is specialized and in-depth training. It can cover many types of users — traffic, sales and the business office. These employees likely weren’t there from initial onboarding, and when the system setup changes based on recommendations, everybody gets a fresh start.

Training centers around efficiency, best practices, working logs effectively and maximizing revenue. It can also help users reconsider their standard responses. An example would be clicking the override button without even reviewing the alert. Notification fatigue is a common problem with software users. First, we will work to ensure there are fewer alerts, but we also want customers to review them before hitting the button.

Is Radio Traffic Platform Consulting Right for You?

You may think that only large station groups use consulting services, but they can benefit any organization that wants to work more efficiently. Any size company wants to achieve this! Longtime and new customers use our services to get the most out of their platform.

If you’d like to learn more about traffic consulting, talk to your customer success manager. Not currently using one of our traffic platforms? Explore our portfolio of solutions, and request a demo.

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