As part of our commitment to supporting, training and empowering local media sellers, we’re excited to announce the all-new Marketron NXT Training Academy!

Marketron NXT Training Academy

The academy’s creation and evolution are all part of our central values in making sellers better and more confident. We revamped the courses to focus on helping media salespeople exceed their goals by proposing and executing linear + digital ad campaigns.

NXT Training Academy has so much to offer — fresh learnings, interactive content and updated quizzes. Keep reading to discover what’s in store.

Online Learning and Curriculum

Learn, Upskill and Generate More Revenue

Since establishing the NXT Academy, we’ve seen how instrumental it can be in upskilling sellers, often leading to more wins and revenue. It’s a key component of our third-party digital solution and our value proposition to the industry. It’s much more than software; it’s an environment where sellers sharpen their digital acumen and achieve greater success.

NXT Training Academy Is Ideal for Any Local Seller

No matter your experience or skill set, the world of digital advertising is always changing. Be prepared for the next horizon of local digital ad sales with our thoughtfully designed curriculum. Much of the new direction was led by Beth Peck, digital advertising training specialist at Marketron.

She shared this reflection: “The revamp of NXT Training Academy takes self-guided learning to the next level with brand-new, engaging content, gamification to increase user engagement and retention with fun activities, and updated demos showcasing the NXT platform. These courses foster knowledge of digital media product use, creation and performance, as well as digital sales tactics and more. It’s perfect for those new to digital sales and seasoned sales veterans alike.”

Learn more about NXT Training Academy, and start your journey!
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