Marketron NXT, our award-winning digital advertising platform, delivers the most dynamic and flexible proposal tool on the market. You can include digital and airtime campaigns in a consolidated proposal, and its capabilities just got better. Now, you can insert multiple campaigns per tactic in one proposal!

Why the Multiple Campaigns Per Tactic Feature Matters

When working with advertisers, they may often have multiple goals to promote various products and services. In most digital advertising software, you must create separate proposals for each campaign. This can be cumbersome, time-consuming and confusing to customers.

NXT makes it super simple. You can seamlessly include multiple campaigns per tactic in one proposal for these programmatic ad types:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Geofencing
  • Video geofencing
  • Streaming audio
  • OTT
  • CTV

Each can have its own name, targeting parameters, budget and flight dates.

nxt multiple campaigns

How Does It Work in NXT?

Using the proposal tool, you’ll simply click “Add Campaign” in the targeting section. You’ll see a drop-down list of options. Choose your tactic, and then add more campaigns for that tactic as needed.

We recommend naming each campaign something specific so you can easily differentiate. So, for an auto dealer, you may have: New Inventory Campaign, Service Campaign and Preowned Inventory Campaign.

Another way to classify them would be by city or geography if that’s the context of the ads.

You’re then able to include targeting, budget and timelines. Once you complete all the information, you’ll be able to create the proposal and deliver it to the customer.

When approved, you’ll generate an order that includes all the campaigns.

The functionality is simple and easy to follow. It saves you time and eliminates the need for multiple proposals, and it keeps the order execution and billing workflows consolidated.

Benefits of the Multiple Campaigns Per Tactic

  • Streamline proposal generation.
  • Save time.
  • Deliver all ad campaign options in one document to make it easier for customers to review.
  • Execute all campaigns with the integrated order function.

Want to See This Feature and More of What NXT Offers?

NXT is the only digital advertising platform built for radio. It integrates with our traffic systems to create a connected revenue ecosystem. It’s also simple, easy and powerful. Discover why it’s leading the way to propel digital ad sales success!

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