The world loves video content. Its consumption is only rising, and it’s a viable marketing tactic. In fact, 88% of video marketers report a positive ROI from it. However, that doesn’t mean selling digital video advertising is easy. Advertisers often have misconceptions that keep them from trying it. As a sales professional, you’ll likely have to debunk some myths, and we want to show you how!

Myth #1: Video Is Too Expensive

Your local advertisers may have some heartburn around the costs of video. However, the expectation of consumers isn’t award-winning cinematography. Consumers prefer low-quality but “authentic” content versus high-production, “inauthentic” video.

Authentic content will win the day. There are many low-cost options to produce a 30-second video about a product, event or just brand awareness. They can even shoot videos themselves with smartphones. Other options are using a video platform through a subscription, using freelancers, or repurposing manufacturer videos with a client’s branding. Check out great tips to help your advertisers with video ads.

Myth #2: Video Is Too Cumbersome

Beyond producing video content, your advertisers may be lost on how to use it to tell a story or position a promotion. They may also think there are too many moving parts to video advertising.

Again, this is not a Hollywood production. Advise them to keep it simple. They should root the idea in their brand promise and their goals for this type of ad. Here are some possibilities:

  • Highlight how to use a product that they sell, emphasizing its benefits.
  • Grow excitement around an event with past images, showing how much fun it will be or the goodwill it will bring to the community, to create FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Develop short testimonials of their customers to build trust.
  • Feature their employees and how they support their customers.

There are likely many stories to tell, but they don’t have to be complicated to be meaningful.

Myth #3: The Industry Doesn’t Use Video, or Customers Don’t Like It

Obviously, this is a huge myth! First, 54% of consumers are craving more video from brands. Second, there is little evidence to support that an entire industry doesn’t use video. This misconception could be more about advertisers thinking they’re just a local shop, and their in-market competitors aren’t using it. Well, that’s a good reason to start.

You can always provide them examples of those in their industry using it. Try a quick search on YouTube, and you’re likely to see lots of local restaurants, retailers, real estate agents, auto dealerships and health care organizations using it. Finding these examples can open the conversation up for more discussion.

Myth #4: Video Is a One-Time Use

Your advertisers may erroneously believe that producing a video for advertising is a one-off. That’s not true. They can use it in so many other ways:

  • Social media posts
  • On their website
  • In their physical locations on digital screens

It’s an investment in a type of content that has legs. Advertisers also need to know they can use video ads in different channels, including display advertising, native advertising, OTT and CTV.

Myth #5: Video Is Hard to Track

Just like any other form of digital advertising, video ads have measurable performance. You’ll be able to gather analytics for your customers regarding all types of engagement, including clicks, comments and watch duration. They’ll be able to see the impact it had on revenue.

If they need convincing, show them some stats from other advertisers. You can also walk them through how the analytics work on video ads.

Selling Digital Video Advertising Just Got Easier

Once you debunk those myths, you’ll find selling digital video advertising less challenging. Additionally, you can feel confident in executing it in the best way with Marketron NXT, a leading third-party advertising platform for broadcast media. Explore how it works today by requesting a demo.

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