Is your radio traffic system leaving you open to fraud risk? Without radio traffic features that ensure reconciling with proof of performance, the opportunity for fraudulent activity increases. Logs are the source of truth, but not all traffic systems have the functionality to address fraud.

Manual Log Reconciliation Creates Risk

We recently spotlighted a case study featuring our traffic platform Visual Traffic. As the traffic director shared her story, one of her biggest concerns was with the logs. She had to reconcile them manually, and they were often inaccurate. While it was a drain on time and resources, she also voiced that her former system allowed for the ability to change dates and other information after the log closed.

In such a situation, should anyone want to make changes, they could do so without a safety net. So, it would be possible for the corrected log to note that a spot aired at a certain day and time even if it didn’t. The advertiser would then receive the bill. Another concern could be on-air talent running an extra spot off the books.

As with any technology platform you use, you want to be sure it streamlines your processes and supports your people. Additionally, you don’t want it to cause new problems like this. Traffic systems have come a long way since their inception, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same and have all the features you’d expect. Protecting against fraud requires reliable, accurate automation.

How Automation Prevents Fraud

Most modern broadcast traffic systems use automation, improving efficiency and reducing manual work. An automated reconciliation provides proof of performance and an audit trail if necessary. Proof of performance in our traffic products includes past aired and reconciled spot logs for each day. Additionally, you can add e-invoices to these platforms to further streamline and simplify the billing process.

With these radio traffic features, you can reduce fraud risks that can arise because of inaccurate or manual logs. Beware of free or low-cost solutions that promise lots of features but fall short in the areas that matter the most. You don’t want to spend time manually reconciling, nor do you want any users to be able to manipulate them.

If you have these concerns or are comparing platforms, you’ll want to read our post on the broadcast traffic system features you need. You can also check out our traffic products to see how they deliver traffic management solutions.

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