Listenership of radio isn’t going mute. As much as people believe that no one listens to AM/FM radio anymore, it’s simply not true. The latest audio trends we covered debunk this quickly. AM/FM radio still accounts for 76% of daily audio time. It’s also the audio of choice in the car and at home or work. Now, another study offers insights into radio ads and their ability to grab listeners’ attention.

Study Calls Consumer Loyalty to Radio the “Audio Trust Halo”

So, what’s behind consumer engagement with radio ads? Much of it has to do with trust. The study found that consumers rank radio personalities high on authenticity and their connections to the community. They are typically rated much higher on trust than TV hosts or social media influencers.

That aura of trust then has a halo effect, so the radio ads playing when people listen to respected sources are more legitimate in consumers’ eyes. The result is often more engaged listening. How does that impact consumer consumption of ads?

Consumers Listen to and Trust Radio Ads More

Everyone’s keenly aware of all the advertising they see every day. We’ve done a good job of blocking and ignoring most of it. But are there times people listen more? Yes, according to the research.

The survey stated that 55% of respondents listen to commercials more often on radio or podcasts than on any other medium. Another 53% found radio ads to be more relevant, and 51% said they were more trusting of the advertisers.

These ads also had a greater impact on shopping decisions. When comparing radio versus streaming music services in nine categories, including restaurants, retail, auto and others, those who made a purchase were more likely to do so from an audio advertisement in every category. That is an astounding data point advertisers in every vertical should know!

Leveraging the Data: Keeping Radio Ads a Priority for Advertisers

The advertising mix for your customers continues to evolve. By offering radio and digital advertising, you’re a one-stop shop for them. In most cases, you probably have advertisers that lean more toward radio than digital and vice versa. You can use this valuable information with both groups.

For those still all-in with radio, share this with them as validation that it’s a good channel for them. Try to expand their ad presence, recommending some more high-demand spots with the most trusted host or hosts.

Conversely, your customers that are nearly or entirely digital may have an eye-opening reaction to this study on the appeal of radio.

It’s hard to disagree with data that demonstrates the power of trust like this. Offer them some options during programming that listeners love. They’ll be able to extend their reach and see how radio lifts digital advertising.

Radio Ads Benefit from the Trust Halo

This study is welcome news for radio ad sellers. While the channel will get a boost this year from political, projections for 2023 and beyond aren’t as optimistic. With data like this, you can reshape the narrative of radio as a dying medium. Consumers and their wallets trust it, so your advertisers should too.

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