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Case Study: Sunrise Media Diversifies Ad Options, Competes on Equal Ground for Advertisers with Marketron Third-Party Digital Technology

By December 1, 2022March 19th, 2024No Comments1 min read
Sunrise Media

In a competitive market where advertisers have lots of options, broadcast media companies need to level the field. They can often do this by adopting a scalable, easy-to-use technology platform. Along with this, companies are more successful when they have training and support on how to use the platform and sell digital with confidence.

Marketron’s goal is to deliver all these elements, and Sunrise Media shares their story on selling third-party digital advertising in this case study. By using our technology, they have experienced revenue growth, gained the ability to compete in the same market as big players and enhanced their sellers’ digital advertising knowledge.

Find out how Marketron powered success by reading the case study.

Download the Case Study
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