How easy is it to aggregate and analyze performance data when delivering cross-channel advertising campaigns for customers? When encompassing linear, O&O (owned and operated) inventory and third-party digital, visibility can be very murky. It may also require lots of manual work to deliver reports. So, how can you simplify and streamline this? Data consolidation through APIs (application programming interfaces) is a possible solution.

Lots of Platforms, Lots of Data

A cross-channel platform for all media types is the industry’s future. Media sellers want to consolidate practices to drive efficiency and insights. Most broadcast TV organizations now have a fragmented array of platforms and data. All that valuable campaign performance data is sitting in silos, and you may not even be able to export it. As a result, you have to rely on manual aggregation, which is a massive drain on time and could create inaccuracies from human error.

If you don’t have a complete picture of the performance of campaigns, it’s hard to present the ROI and results to your advertisers. Without the “proof,” they may choose to allocate ad dollars elsewhere.

There are many challenges in the world of campaign data, but one solution you can deploy now is data consolidation via APIs.

How Data APIs Help with Consolidation

APIs are open interfaces that allow for secure data sharing between platforms. Data architects can develop custom APIs to meet your specific data and business needs. Such a solution can consolidate data from linear, O&O and third-party digital, so you and your advertisers can look at the complete data sets.

Essentially, an API works as a data liaison to extract and deliver data from one system to another. The API defines the fields it will get from these sources and can then aggregate results. A good example is the use of third-party travel sites. Users submit their dates, location and other preferences. Then, the website’s APIs go out to all the hotels or reservation software to deliver the results within those parameters.

A similar API could work to obtain data fields regarding campaign performance metrics. You could then access the consolidated and aggregated data to submit to customers. You’ll be able to ascertain more insights on which tactics worked the best and how they all worked together to drive traffic, sales or other goals. What might you discover with all this data?

Data Consolidation Delivers a Clear Picture

If you’re struggling with data transparency and access, APIs could be an excellent option for your organization. Not just any APIs will work. Custom development will be necessary, so it’s not an off-the-shelf type of purchase. With Marketron Integration Suite, these capabilities are possible.

Review the suite and request a consultation today.
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