Tracking sales win rates is a key metric for meeting budget and forecasting future revenue. Many things impact if you acquire the digital business of advertisers. Some you can’t control, such as existing relationships or bottom-barrel pricing. However, you can empower your sales team to drive better results when they have the right technology for proposing, ordering and measuring campaigns.

Unfortunately, your current third-party digital advertising platform may be coming up short. It might be putting extra strain and burdens on your staff. As a result, they may have less time to prospect and create relationships. They could miss opportunities if they aren’t visible, or they might be chasing the wrong kind of deals.

There is a connection between sales win rates and technology. You could see those rates improve when you have a solution that meets seller needs and workflows.

Technology and Streamlining Processes: It Should Be Easy-Breezy

How many systems do your sellers have to use to develop a proposal? If it’s more than one, it’s too many! Needing to access multiple platforms to put the information together is time-intensive and frustrating for sellers.

With a comprehensive proposal builder, you can develop a proposal that includes airtime and digital advertising together. Users can do this in minutes, removing barriers that currently exist. As a result of this streamlined workflow, sellers can spend more time strategizing with advertisers. An easy-to-use interface allows your sales staff to tailor the mix of digital and linear based on campaign goals and budget. It shows customers that you’re responsive and professional, decreasing the time to close.

Inefficiency Keeps Sellers Preoccupied

Another drain on a salesperson’s time is executing orders. If they spend too much energy here, they lose time on prospecting, proposing and closing deals. Thus, they need technology that:

  • Reduces errors with single order entry and eliminates manual re-entry
  • Creates efficiencies with a simple conversion process from proposal to order
  • Delivers invoicing with ease and eradicates any custom billing tasks

Ideally, sellers can access these automations to free up more time for revenue-generating activities.

Technology and Reporting: Improve Sales Win Rates with Campaign and Sales Performance Reporting

The third aspect of digital advertising sales technology is reporting. Reporting can be a differentiator that sales can use to win more deals. Detailed reports offer transparency and meaningful data on campaign performance. Lots of reporting is overly complex, difficult to navigate and visually unappealing.

During proposal conversations and before, your sales team should present samples of these reports to demonstrate their value.

The second area of reporting is what you can see as the sales manager. A report builder engine lets you choose the metrics you want to see. With this comprehensive view of proposals and orders, you can immediately know if you’re on track to hit budget, which sellers are over- or under-performing and more.

The Best Technology Is More Than Software

Finally, consider how your current technology delivers additional value to your sales team. Are your vendors providing more than software? That could include digital sales training, upskilling, sales enablement content, launch kits and supportive client development specialists.

In today’s competitive world of local digital ad sales, you need more than reliable, integrated technology. You need a partner. The future of local media sales includes digital, and your future in selling should be with Marketron NXT.

NXT has all these features and more. Explore NXT today to improve sales win rates, simplify the process and achieve greater visibility of seller performance.

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