A hot trend in technology is consolidation and integration. Users want efficient, streamlined workflows and to avoid the swivel chair of having to log in to multiple systems. Media sellers are hopeful this becomes the norm, too. For years, they’ve wasted time hopping through systems for proposals, orders, reporting and billing. Now, third-party digital integration options are must-haves, and Marketron NXT delivers on the desire to simplify selling.

Marketron NXT

NXT Third-Party Digital Integrations: Connecting the Ad Sales Ecosystem

As a local media company, you sell a variety of ad types, including radio spots and digital and third-party digital. Typically, these activities happen in a vacuum and don’t connect. Additionally, you use other sales tools such as CRM (customer relationship management) systems or other platforms for analytics. As a result, your sellers face frustration and obstacles to productivity.

Understanding these challenges, we built NXT with modern architecture that plays nicely with other systems. It also considers the user experience of consolidation and integration. These capabilities often sound great in theory, but unifying multiple systems that are already complex and hard to use doesn’t provide real benefits.

Connections between systems should eliminate the need for back-and-forth. They should also deliver visibility into seller and campaign performance.

NXT integration options include these platform types.

Traffic Systems

NXT integrates with all three of our radio traffic platforms — Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic and RadioTraffic™. Marketron Traffic has the most robust and flexible features. By linking digital and traffic solutions, you can manage airtime and digital proposals, orders, campaigns, reporting and billing in one system.

Intuitive workflows and smart technology give your sellers an advantage. They can act fast and quickly propose linear and digital for every campaign. Plus, the feature-rich system is simple to learn and use.

CRM Tools

NXT can also connect to many CRM tools. This is useful if your sales organization is a high adopter of this technology, and it keeps contact information current. If a CRM connects to NXT, it can be the source of truth for accounts.

Sales, Business Intelligence and Campaign Data Tools

Larger media companies often leverage sales, business intelligence and campaign data tools to garner more insights into performance. If advanced analytics are critical to your sales operations, NXT can connect with these apps. NXT can share data and metrics with these systems for further analysis and manipulation.

Custom Solutions Desk

Another internal integration for NXT is the ability to add Custom Solutions Desk features. With this product, you get more options for ad tactics with expert support, including:

  • Compliant restricted category digital advertising for cannabis, CBD, gambling, alcohol, fireworks and political
  • Niche social media advertising sites such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and more

Proposing, Ordering, Reporting and Billing Built In

In addition to integration possibilities, NXT already integrates the key components of ad sales. You can propose, order, measure and invoice within the system. It’s one long workflow that encompasses the entire life cycle of the sale.

With all this functionality, NXT users repeatedly praise its simplicity and efficiency. Sellers spend less time on admin work and generating proposals, giving them more chances to prospect, pitch and consult with advertisers.

The Future of Local Media Sales Is Integrated

You and your team want straightforward ways to sell local media. Technology has the power to make this a reality. It rids the current process of complication and waste, replacing it with efficiency and transparency.

See why so many radio stations trust NXT to power their organization’s future.

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