Enterprise media companies have a tech stack problem. You are facing many challenges, including rising operating costs, legacy systems that don’t integrate, inefficient processes and lack of visibility in ad sales. These concerns are only growing as advertisers put pressure on you to consolidate linear, digital and O&O into one proposal.

One of the most concerning issues is the position your sellers are in with bloated workflows that leave them frustrated and spending too much time going back and forth between systems for proposals, orders, rate cards, inventory avails and reporting.

Understanding that the future of local media sales is data driven and consolidated, we created Marketron REV, a comprehensive sales platform built for enterprise media companies. Its origins come from the gap in the marketplace and the objective of broadcast organizations to deliver more revenue reliably and effectively.

4 Ways REV Delivers Value for Enterprise Media Companies

REV’s features solve the challenges of today and tomorrow, with much innovation thriving in its capabilities. It integrates access to real-time inventory, ratings and dynamic pricing.

REV delivers value to media companies in four ways.

Broadcasters can transform daily sales operations to maximize revenue and prepare for a future of converged orders and expanded audience measurement.

So, how does REV propel success?

REV maximizes revenue.

It helps you optimize the value of inventory with real-time dynamic pricing. Advanced algorithms and historical data automatically set spot rates based on current fill rates, timelines and other key factors. With this tool, you can eliminate complicated spreadsheets and separate systems for rate optimization. It’s part of the order workflow, so sellers have what they need.

Highlights of dynamic pricing include:

  • 35+ prebuilt rate curves to address every situation a station needs
  • The ability to set rate curves, floors and ceiling rates for every 30-minute time block
  • Establishing discount tolerances for each salesperson
  • Access to Nielsen and Numeris ratings data in REV

REV streamlines selling.

The platform enables a true transformation. Reduce time-intensive processes into simpler ones to ensure sellers have more time to sell. Enterprise media companies can use REV for radio and TV sales orders. Because we designed it for the broadcast industry, it aligns with your workflows. You can quickly convert avail requests and proposals with one step to either an order or submission for approval. Once authorized, you execute the order in TV and radio traffic systems with an intuitive web-based user interface.

REV powers data-driven decision making.

REV provides a way to tap into real-time data to make timely and informed decisions. A host of features make this possible with management and performance insights.

Real-time campaign performance details enable more accurate forecasting. You’ll have complete visibility into pipelines, committed orders and how you’re doing against targets. You can also conduct post analysis in the same system.

REV also has reporting options for seller performance, so you can identify high performers and address those who need support.

Interactive dashboards bring all this information in one view, and you can export the data for additional analysis and manipulation.

REV integrates systems.

With REV, all processes for selling spots occur in one platform. Sellers have easy access to traffic systems, so they don’t have to log in to those systems, which can be very time consuming. Its modern architecture also ensures that integration with other enterprise systems is possible.

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